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About Us

What does FlopHost mean?

I decided to call my hosting company FlopHost because in my travels I often stay at my friends houses and flop on their couches or beds.  During one particular time with a somewhat substantial gap in employment I had about a three month break and would travel around visiting.  People sometimes referred to it as flopping and to me it conjured up thoughts of Flop Houses.  How is FlopHost related in any way shape or form to a Flop House you might be asking?

A Flop House was used in the late 20th century by people who were somewhat transient.  They'd flop down in a house and share small spaces and facilities.  They used a limited amount of resources efficiently.  That's what we do!  We use server virtualization to share a large resource with many people.  It's typically called shared hosting.  In an effort to consolidate several websites from various hosting providers I decided to manage them all under one umbrella.  The amount of resources from modern computers / servers was far too great and too wasteful for the handful of website I have.  Thus...FlopHost was born to sell off the excess to you (hopefully)!

We all share server resources, hard drives, memory, bandwidth, etc which is just like a Digital Flop House!  It's fast, efficient, convenient, and has little waste.  In every way both server virtualization and virtual hosting is a win win for all.

If you're interested in knowing more about our setup or would like to host with us for a trial period I'd be more than happy to set something up, we're completely flexible and will work with everyone to make it happen.

Where's your server?

We currently host our server in the beautiful town of Grand Rapids, Michigan which will be featured in the header picture(s) of this website as soon as I get an opportunity to snap some at night.

How much does it cost?

Believe it or not, $10 dollars per month, no joke!  I can't emphasize enough, we're not a reseller of some other provider, I own the servers, I own the bandwidth and I can accommodate pretty much anyone with anything they can throw at me included a dedicated physical server all your own!  Flophost = Freedom, no extra fees, no setup cost, no limits (See how pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered), just $10 bucks a month...we're the real hosting deal.

What about your systems?

We currently have three DNS servers, two on site and one off site for redundancy.  We do backups that copy off site weekly and monthly on all hosted accounts, this includes the entire account not just the web directory.  If you needed a more robust backup schedule or a backup to a specific location other than our off site location we could certainly back up your particular site on any schedule and to any place you'd like or work with you to find a solution that works best for your needs.

We can also setup your own dedicated server, you'll need to contact us for more information and pricing.  Each hosting account is allowed full control over their account, you can even SSH into your account if you so choose.  Most people do not need this functionality but it is available for advanced users.

We'll work with any client to make sure their site is up, running and fully functional; if you need additional components we'll make it happen.

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